Estes Valley Amateur Radio Club

Estes Park, CO


The Estes Valley Radio Club (EVARC) meets every Month, First Saturday, 8:00a, Estes Park Observatory, 1500 Manford Ave, Estes Park, 80517 -- Everyone is Welcome (Visitors, Locals, Hams, Prospective Hams). x

National Parks ON THE AIR
This activity finished on December 31, 2016. Our club made 612 QSOs and received 403 QSLs. See link for details.

Hospital Radio Room Opened, July 15, 2014
See details at this link, EVARC Ribbon Cutting.pdf.

Programming VHF/UHF Transceiver Memories
The club has adopted a standard set of 63 memories for our handhelds, mobiles, and base stations in the FM VHF & UHF band. If you would like your transceiver programmed, please see David White, K6OG. These frequencies were selected for operations from Estes Park (2-11-16). You may wish to program other frequencies in other parts of your transceiver memories. See FREQ.

Estes Park Response Activities
EVARC responded to a callout for communications support for the June 24, 2012 fire.  See EP News article.  Link (PDF file).

EVARC responded to support communications for the flood in September 2013. See EP Trail Gazette article. Link.

WinLink 2000
Our Global Radio E-Mail System is "on air" as of September 2, 2011.  We are running Radio Mail Server (RMS) packet software on VHF, 145.070 MHz (1200 Baud).  The call sign is N0FH-10.  For more information see, .

Battery Backup
Our two voice repeaters have a new DC (battery) backup system as of September 7, 2011.  It is more efficient than our previous inverter system.  We can now provide about 20 hours of emergency power before we need to start the generator.
Update (6/11/19) the batteries were replaced. They had served us for 8 years; 4 months. With new low power circuits & computers we now expect about 48 hours of power to the 50% level of battery energy remaining.



Our IRLP connection is "on air" as of March 14, 2010.  The node is 7268Our thanks to Rocky Mountain  Ham Radio Club for their technical assistance, hardware, and installation of the system.  See RM HAM link for information on their club.  Since our VHF and UHF repeaters are normally linked, the IRLP node connects to both machines. The node is open (no passwords; touch tone only the four digit node number where you wish to connect).  The disconnect is '73'.


Our EchoLink connection is "on air" as of January 17, 2012.  The node is 625757. The call sign is N0FH-R. Since our VHF and UHF repeaters are normally linked, the EchoLink node connects to both machines. The node is open (no passwords; touch tone only the the ' * ' character followed by a four, five, or six digit node number where you wish to connect). The disconnect is ' # '. On June 8, 2019 the node has returned to "on air" status after about 3 years of inactivity. The computer has been replaced and a new router installed.


Simplex Frequency

The club at its April 21, 2012 meeting adopted 146.550 MHz as the club VHF simplex frequency.  After initiating a contact on the National Calling Frequency (146.520 MHz), please QSY to 146.550 MHz when practical.

When in the Estes Valley, the Wilderness Protocol calling frequency is 146.520 MHz. Listening is the first five minutes at the top of the hour. See ARRL Repeater Directory for more information.


Dayton Hamvention Presentations

See Radio Propagation from 2011 or Antennas from 2010 by Frank Beafore.  Must have PDF reader to view.


EVARC Field Operating Guide
Use this Link.


Amateur Radio License Class

Our club held classes on obtaining an Amateur Radio License which concluded in December 2011, March 2014, July 2015, December 2015, October 2016, and June 2018.  If you are interested in the club doing another class, please be in touch with our president (address below). Other classes were held at the library -- Antennas on May 25, 2013; DB on June 1, 2013; and Repeaters on June 8, 2013. All at 10:00 a.m.


A class on Operating a Ham Radio Station was held on Saturday April 21, 2012 and April 28, 2012. Here are two links for class #1 & #2 materials:  Reference   and   Operations Slides  Must have PDF Reader to view.

A class on operations was held on March 17th & 24th, 2014. See the slides Let's Use Our Repeater,Link(PowerPoint).

Two presentations prepared by David O'Farrell on CW are Morse 101 PDF or PowerPoint and Morse 201 PDF or PowerPoint. These were presented at Colorado Hamcon 2016 and again at DRC in October 2016.

See our member (Doug, N6UA) set up his portable operation.  Link


Visiting Our City:

If you are planning a visit, please see our Visit Estes Park website. See .


Location       Output       Input         Call        Notes    Sponsor

Estes Park    449.8000        -            NØFH        ol 123     EVARC     

Estes Park    146.6850        -            NØFH        ol 123     EVARC    IRLP 7268; EchoLink 625757


-     =   minus 600 KHZ input (2 meters) or minus 5 MHZ (70 cm)

o    =   open system

l     =   linked system [two repeaters]

123  =  sub-audible tone


Election of Officers:

The election of officers was held on March 30, 2021:

President .....................Bob Leavitt, KEØ
Vice President.............Steve Lambert,
Secretary . . . . . . . . . . David White, K6OG..................
Treasurer   ................  Art Hiester,
Member-at-Large...... Robert Ernst, WØ

Appointed Positions:

Club Station Trustee ...... Larry A Olson, W9INE

Training Director .............Mike Hickerson, WBØ

Resource Director ..........Art Hiester,
Director ARES (R3D2)...Art Mutschler, NØ

The Estes Valley Amateur Radio Club, Inc. is a non-Profit Corporation (501c3). See link to Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation (PDF Format).



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